One among the few E-Waste recyclers, Virogreen India Pvt Ltd is approved by Tamil Nadu Pollution Control Board for E-WASTE recycling and E-WASTE management.

We offer WEEE management, E-WASTE consultation, and plastic recycling with plastic to fuel conversion, logistics, and Data security.


We aim at zero-landfill by employing world-class technology and innovative engineering methods to process E-Waste, and recycle the metals, non-metals and plastics.

We offer cost-effective transportation of materials that cuts-down overall E-Waste management cost.


We also offer services for recycling of mixed plastic and mixed metal waste into commercially viable products, and recovery of electronic equipment and components like ICs and printers,
circuit boards, monitors, TFTs, and other computer peripherals besides having future plan of 100% EOU units and recovery of precious metals from e-waste.


Under the supervision of our experts, waste and scrap of electronic and electrical industry is treated, recycled, and disposed at our factory unit spread in 4 acre in Chennai, the capital of Tamil Nadu with capacity to treat waste up to 15000 tons per year.


With the help of our professionals, we collect, weigh, and separate the material on the basis of its composition like electronics, plastic, and metals after which the recycling process is initiated.